Sunday, August 05, 2012


Well, as a postscript to my last post, I think I need to modify my final statement that the food was "pleasant enough"! That evening, Grace had to go to bed early, feeling unwell, and I, although going to bed at a more normal time, spent a very uncomfortable night with unremitting indigestion. My salmon supreme had tasted very good, but, on reflection, the whole dish was too oily (as well as not including the broad beans listed on the menu as an ingredient - stupidly, I didn't notice the omission until too late). Grace's plaice was eaten with some suspicion at the time.

The starters had been very good, but the desserts felt stodgy. The "Cheesecake of the Day" was, we were told, strawberry with white chocolate, but we were served raspberry cheesecake with no hint of white chocolate. The Double Chocolate Brownie with ice-cream and honeycomb had no honeycomb. It being a birthday celebration, we didn't want to make a fuss, but we won't be eating there again.

Yesterday was a day of very heavy rain, wind, thunder and lightning - the heaviest rain that we've experienced here, I think. But then there were sunny spells, brilliant rainbows, and total absence of wind.

(photos NOT mine - I wasn't going to get my camera wet!)
So, it was a day for staying in. It looks as if today will be much the same. No walks or other outings. I'm glad to have the exercise bike! I start to feel really quite unfit if I sit around too much!

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