Saturday, August 18, 2012

Out on the cut

Well, there we were, totally prepared for the next mini-cruise. OK, so the thermostat is still not fixed, but we have cruised with that problem before, so that's not too bad. And I'm now into my eleventh month of problems with our Internet connection, but hey – who needs it? And then there's my replacement laptop battery – sent to the wrong address, and then turning out to be the wrong one anyway. Idiots! And then... there's the weather.

I've long since given up believing the weather forecast, I think I've said that before. But you have to have something to guide you, don't you? Well, the days we are supposed to have had reasonably good weather, we have had high winds and squally showers. Not the kind of weather to tempt us out of the marina. Yesterday was all right. A bit grey, but dry and fairly warm. Except then we had to return to St Albans to sort out a few domestic problems. So we used that as an opportunity to catch up quickly with Naomi, Steve and Jess (who had just had an excellent weekend at the Bakewell Music Festival, where Said theMaiden had a very successful spot on the acoustic stage), and to collect mail and one or two other bits and pieces, including the mis-addressed, wrong laptop battery.

Then back to Kantara, where we installed the new shelves. What a difference they make to the look of our bedroom!
...and now
And today? Today we're out on our little cruise! It'll only be for a week, a short trip out towards Milton Keynes and back, but it's so good to be out on the cut again. It took us over two hours to get down Watford Flight because it was so busy, but never mind. The weather is lovely. We're now moored up for the night just north of Norton Junction, opposite Weltonfield Marina, literally the last mooring space on the towing path before a stretch of dark woodland with trees forming a roof above the canal, and then the junction, where tomorrow we will turn east and head off into unknown territory.
Looking back, across to Weltonford Marina...
...and into the dark, wooded stretch ahead.

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