Monday, August 20, 2012

Mini-cruise, days 2 & 3

Sunday morning was dry and bright, and we set off down to Norton Junction, and turned east to Buckby Locks, a flight of seven locks over about one and a half miles of lovely canal. We were fortunate to have a partner boat for each of these double locks - it makes life easier, and it's good to meet people. I spoke with one man who was returning from London, where he had been throughout the Olympic Games. He had really enjoyed the whole experience, and had lots of stories to tell.
The flowers doing well on the roof
We'd set off late that morning, so didn't actually travel very far, mooring at a pleasant spot just past bridge 22. The weather had been very hot, and I'd got very sticky, locking for so long. It was good to stop and have a shower.

We awoke this morning to dull weather quite unlike that suggested by the BBC Weather Forecast. After some rain, however, it started to look rather more promising, so we made our way through Weedon and on towards Nether Heyford, where we stopped to buy food. After that, the weather was really quite hot again, and the canal, wide now, passed through beautiful farming countryside, with remarkably few other craft around.

We're moored now out in the middle of nowhere, unfortunately rather too close to the railway - as we were yesterday. It's one of the biggest downsides of canal life. Geographically speaking, railways and canals are often very close. Historically speaking, they have been enemies. I prefer canals!

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