Monday, August 06, 2012

Despite the weather forecast...

...Grace and I revisited Canons Ashby today to see the gardens in bloom, and had a good time. An unexpected bonus was being taught how to play croquet by a regular player and teacher, and enjoying a game between the two of us. I used to play croquet from time to time when I was teaching at Bishopshalt School ages ago, but this lady taught me things I didn't know then, and the time spent with her was well worthwhile, and a lot of fun. It rained on us just once, for about five minutes!

The gardens were indeed in bloom, but as yet rather modest. The whole property is undergoing a large degree of improvement, and the grounds still need time to mature. Nonetheless, the site has a lot to please the eye.

The croquet lawn under the tree

Colin texted me to say he's arriving at 8:30 tomorrow morning to fit the thermostat. Then we'll be free to set off on another cruise!

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