Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

(written last week, but accidentally not posted!)

We've spent the past few days touching up the hull paintwork - scraping, sanding, primer, sanding and a couple of coats of the gloss paint. The most significant bits have been on the gunnels either side of the foredeck, where I pulled off the odd-looking exterior carpet (put there as step mats, to reduce the risk of slipping when stepping on or off the boat). When the repainting is completed, we'll fix proper rubber mats there. A similar mat on one side of the bow right at the front was coming off, so I've pulled that off, and the paintwork is being re-done there, too, before gluing the mat back.

We've just bought a couple of LED lights to try out in the dinette. They use less battery power than the halogen bulbs they are replacing and, if they give a good enough light, we'll get more and replace most if not all of the other halogens on the boat.
We have decided to go ahead with our next cruise without waiting for Colin to get back to us about the thermostat. It was faulty when we attempted the Leicester Ring, and it wasn't a huge problem. It just means that we have no hot water first thing in the morning, and I don't mind a lukewarm shower, and Grace doesn't mind waiting to shower until after we've been travelling for a while. We won't go to Oxford this time. We'll do a shorter trip, south down the Grand Union, returning in time to pick up of of Grace's sisters and her husband, who will be spending a few days with us. We'll probably take them up the GU to the Market Harborough arm, and visit the old town.

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