Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Day 7 - wet!

Yesterday it rained, it poured, it pissed down. So we stayed where we were. There was no point in getting wet when we don't have to be anywhere in particular by any specific time. So I went for a couple of walks, and we cosyed in for the day.

On one of my walks, I saw a terrapin in the canal. I knew that they are to be found in canals, but have never seen one before. It is thought that they have been introduced into the system by owners who are fed up with having their fingers bitten, but they are something of a nuisance in the canals as well, since they kill newts and fish and other canal creatures.
Today, we had to move. Rain was threatening, but we started the journey dry. We moved just 600 yards up the canal to take on water, and to do some shopping in the Newbold village Co-Op. Then, with the rain just beginning, we moved off in search of an Elsan point, finally finding one while it was raining hard. Moving on from there, the rain persisting now, we looked for a suitable place to moor for the night.

We found it, but didn't reckon on the ground being so soft, and the mooring pins being very loose. I've had to employ two very large pins, driving them into the ground through the D-rings at the top of the normal pins. We seem to have run aground a bit, too, so our mooring ought to be secure!

Miles today... just seven. Blame the weather!

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  1. Crazy! Never knew we had terrapins 'wild' in this country! :)