Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Well, that was summer then!

Monday it rained, on and off, often heavily. We went shopping - wow! But we were running out of food, so I guess it was time well spent. Otherwise, we stayed in and passed the time playing games, reading and so on. Oh - we did walk for an hour, which was good, and very well timed with regard to the rain!
This feathered fellow is one of about twenty young drakes who flock to Kantara, hoping for food as soon as we open the side hatch. This one seems, more than the others, to have adopted us, and he's often with us on his own, swimming up and down close to the hatch, and looking up hopefully at us whenever we appear.

Today, the weather was much the same, so... we stayed in.
When the evenings are dry, we do get some beautiful sunsets.

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