Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday - almost back at the marina

Of course, when I say "almost back", this is said in canal terms - that is, we'll be there in a couple of days!

My camera batteries have died, and I keep forgetting to recharge them, so I have no photos for today. We left our mooring this morning in dry weather, but cooler, and always some threatening clouds in one or other part of the sky. Nonetheless, it was a good cruise. Hillmorton Locks were a bit slow, on account of one of the centre pair being closed for repair, and a certain amount of queuing resulting. But we arrived at a lovely spot just a couple of miles north of Braunston for an overnight stop, and it was only then that the rain came down  - very heavily.

Sam Matts rang this morning about our failed generator. He wants to bring someone from the company that serviced it, to look at the problem in situ. I just hope they can put the problem right straight away, without having to take the flipping thing away again.

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