Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time and weather

Time: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Still wishing we were out on the cut, but nonetheless glad to be doing some of those little jobs which accumulate while you're cruising. The second and final coat of paint has gone on the foredeck, various bits and pieces bought, cleaning done, cupboards and drawers tidied and rationalised. We've not been idle - well, not all of the time!

There has also been time for catching up with TV, videos to watch, books to read, and walks. It is good not to be under any kind of time pressure.

Weather: Getting wetter
It seems we may have had the best of the weather now, for the time being. It's still warm, and we see the sun quite a lot, but we are subject again now to some sporadic, heavy rain, and more is forecast for the next week or so. Let's hope it doesn't make us postpone that Oxford Canal trip. If the weather is anything like as good as last year, we still have three months of cruising possibilities ahead of us.

If the weather's good enough tomorrow, we'll be out to revisit Canon's Ashby, visited last October, but needing to be seen in the summer. Hopefully, Colin will be able to fit our thermostat this week, and we'll be free to cruise again soon.

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