Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunday and Monday

Another hot day, with blue skies and white puffy clouds to greet us when we awoke. After a latish start, we continued for only a few miles until, suddenly threatened by imminent downpour, we moored up. And we were glad we did, for the rain was torrential and long-lasting. We stopped for the night.

Again, the weather was good to us, without even the downpour later in the day, and we cruised down to the outskirts of Rugby, where we moored for some Tesco shopping. We'll stop here for the night. It's been good that, so far on this return journey of ours, we've been able to avoid mooring in the same places as we moored on our outward trip. It's odd, but the canal looks quite different, too, going the other way along it.

We passed through Newbold Tunnel, a couple of miles before we stopped. It's only 250 yards long, but someone has contrived to install lights along its length, which throw bands of colour across the roof. It must be even better after dark.

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