Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday 22nd July

Another beautiful day! Hot, sunny, but very windy! Moody Cow has vacated her mooring to cruise, so Grace and I moved Kantara sideways into her mooring so that I could more easily wash and polish the starboard side from the pontoon.

You'd think it wouldn't be a difficult task, would you? No engine required, simply cast off the ropes and lead her across from the bow, giving the stern a hefty push to drift her the eight feet or so into the empty space. The wind was strong though, and we'd seen a number of craft having problems coming and going through the marina entrance, and it was that wind which resisted our attempts to move Kantara, threatening at one point to pull me into the water as I tried with all my strength to haul her in.

We succeeded, though, and I got the side of the boat washed and polished - I'll polish the port side tomorrow, and the job'll be done. Getting Kantara back to her proper mooring couldn't have been easier - we had the wind on our side this time! We simply cast off, and she drifted quickly back to our pontoon in a matter of seconds.
The polished Kantara!
Not only is Moody Cow out of the marina, but so is Jasmine, next to her, Wenders next to her, and At Last next to her, so we have a lot of empty space next to us at the moment, affording views we've not had before.

 They're not spectacular views, but they do give us a lot more natural light.

The boat nearest to us on that side is now Jimsonweed.
This boat was formerly part of a hire fleet, all of which were named after canalside plants. Jimsonweed (or Jimson Weed) is, apparently, one such plant, but when I first saw the boat, not knowing of the poisonous plant after which it is named, I laughingly assumed it used to belong to a bloke called Jim who smoked a lot of whacky baccy! Ironically, the plant is "a powerful hallucinogen and deliriant, which is used spiritually for the intense visions it produces." (Wikipedia)

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