Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back on Kantara

Well, we actually went back to St Albans on Sunday, and returned late today. The weather over the past few days has been largely cold and wet, but it did ease off long enough for us to do a lot of pruning and cutting back in the garden yesterday, and today for us to take all of the cuttings to the recycling centre. We returned to Yelvertoft in bright sunshine late this afternoon - it was really lovely. OK, we had heavy rain and thunder later, too!

We now have quite a list of jobs to do on Kantara, before taking her out for the next cruise. The latest news regarding flooding tells us that we would still not be able to pass the flood lock at the top of the Soar, above Leicester, so perhaps we'll do a completely different route next. The Oxford Canal, perhaps. We'll decide once the jobs have been done.

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