Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leicester Ring - Days 2 & 3

We spent the whole of yesterday moored up at that same spot just a few hundred yards from the Braunston Tunnel. The weather was good, and the mooring very peaceful. We took a walk along the towpath, and up on top of the tunnel. It's good to spend the occasional day doing very little.

And today, we made the 11 lock mile journey down to Braunston Turn, where we are moored now, and will be until Friday morning, after Roy and Colin have done their bits of work on the boat - one on each end of it!

Our mooring at Braunston Turn

Braunston Turn
In Braunston Tunnel, we encountered the most boats we have ever met in one tunnel, several of them old working boats on their way home after the Historic Boats event over the weekend. The descent of Braunston Flight was easy going, the locks all being in our favour, each one left full by a previous boat going up the flight. But the locks are all double width, and we had not met up with another boat going our way, so we went down solo, which meant that I had to manage the double gates alone - not arduous, merely more time-consuming.

Arriving at our mooring, I strolled up into Braunston for some shopping, and enjoyed the sights of this charming old village.

Ancient windmill, now flats.
So, work on Kantara starts early tomorrow, giving us the chance to take a look at a saxon church a short walk away, which, we are told, is both fascinating and beautiful.

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