Friday, June 22, 2012

Leicester Ring - Day 2

...except it's not, of course.

We went to sleep last night listening to the rain hammering down on the steel roof above us, and awoke to a wet and windy day - probably the strongest persistent wind we've experienced since we started life on Kantara. The rain was squally, dashed against us by the wind. The water was extremely choppy, and the new satellite TV dish threatened to collapse under the force of the wind. Quite a day!

After a slow start to the day, and a lazy morning, we went to see Prometheus as planned. Gripping, action-packed, with good 3D which didn't intrude as often happens - but with a story we found rather confusing. Still, it was worth watching. Today, the screen was much more crowded, with around fifteen of us watching! (Guilty confession - today I ate my second bag of Revels in two days.)

On our way way into Rugby we passed a canal mooring, and were amazed to see another NB Kantara! Since there are only two with that name registered on the inland waterways, the chances of seeing the other one are very slim indeed!

As I type this, the weather is somewhat improved. The wind continues, but the cloud has broken, and we're getting a decent sunset. Perhaps the BBC weather forecast for the next few days will be accurate, eh?

It's looking much better for the start of the cruise!

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