Thursday, June 21, 2012

Leicester Ring - Day 1

We're still in the marina.

It turned out that I was right - the weather forecast was pretty much wrong. It started raining last night around 11:00, and poured on and off through the night. It hardly rained a drop during the day though. So it would have been great for cruising. Except we didn't even start.

And we didn't because we got word that there is to be an Historic Boats Rally in Braunston over the weekend, and we would have got caught in very bad traffic if we had left today, as dozens and dozens of historic craft snailed their way through Watford Locks and the Braunston Flight towards Braunston Turn, which is already a busy and crowded junction. It just wouldn't have been much fun, and is best avoided. We'll start on Monday now, and just do less of a detour beyond Braunston than we would have done, before winding and returning there by the end of Wednesday.

We went to the pictures instead, to watch "Snow White and the Huntsman" - very entertaining! Tomorrow we see "Prometheus". Some months ago, we exchanged loads of Tesco vouchers for six pairs of Cineworld tickets, and still had three pairs left this morning. They expire at the end of July, so we need to fit in some viewings. It's fun, going to the cinema in the middle of the afternoon. Today was typical - we shared the screen with three other couples!

Oh! It's just started hammering down with rain!

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