Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yesterday was a day of frequent heavy rain and unremitting strong winds. Today's shaping up to be the same. Call us soft if you wish, but there's really no point in leaving the marina while it's like this. While we might get some cruising done, we'd spend most of our time moored at the towpath, and if we're going to be stationary for that sort of time, we might as well be moored here. Cruising, whilst being very enjoyable, is not the be-all-and-end-all of why we're here. We bought the boat to live on - but we have to admit to feeling a lot of frustration at the moment because so much has stopped us from getting out and exploring the canals in our first year. Perhaps the best time to do it will be in the autumn and winter!

That said, we really have to be at Roy's mooring in Braunston by Wednesday evening, or very early Thursday morning. Tuesday is the latest we can leave here to achieve that comfortably, and it the weather's still foul then, we'll have to smile our way through it. Whether we carry on around the Leicester Ring after that, we'll decide on Friday morning.

Until then, it's reading and writing, Scrabble, TV and DVDs, music, exercise bike and Bullworker, cinema, good food and drink - and a walk or two maybe, between downpours! 

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