Monday, May 28, 2012

We're still here!

We are now well into week five of the two-week shower-room/toilet refit! At least we get to spend the week on the boat, though. Roy's idea of us staying here for "a couple of days" for snagging was a good one, for we have had a few snags, not least a new toilet which intermittently leaks water into the bowl. Roy's had to get a new valve for this, and hopes it will arrive today. It should only be a quick job to fit it.

Another problem was an air lock in our central heating system. Roy fitted a new radiator in the shower room, so he had had to drain the system, but the new radiator failed to get fully hot, while the bedroom one would not heat at all. This turned out to be quite a long job - and can you imagine how hot we got with the heating on full on a day like yesterday, while he was testing it?

We have had a few jobs to do, and bits of shopping to get, but we're fidgety now, and very keen to get moving. The mooring is pleasant enough - with the bonus of a free landline to bring mains electricity on board - although it's at a very busy canal junction, and we are frequently passed closely by other boats, most of whom are travelling too fast, and bang Kantara against the wall as they pass. The weather has been very hot and sunny. We'll have to apply lots of sunscreen, boating in weather like this. The solar electric panels on the roof are generating a good charge well into the evening - most impressive.

As I was writing this, Roy arrived, not with a valve for the toilet, but with a complete new loo, and he's fitting it at this moment. Which means that when he's finished, we're free to leave. Having said that, we may stay one more night. We have to go into Rugby to pick up some things we've ordered over the Internet, and may possibly go to the cinema there, too, to see "Dark Shadows". So we'll be heading back towards Yelvertoft tomorrow, with a week of cleaning and servicing (the boat is covered in bird poo!), and then the Crick Boat Show next Saturday.

After that...? Well,who knows, with the way things have been going for us!

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