Thursday, May 03, 2012

More delays

We went today to Braunston, to see how Roy is getting on with the shower-room refit. After referring to the weather forecast, we decided on an afternoon visit, since the morning was going to be very rainy, clearing up by the afternoon. It was not raining when we arrived, but was pouring again as we left about an hour later.

Rain has been one of Roy's problems. Although the work is inside the boat - most of it, anyway - Roy has to go backwards and forwards from boat to workshop quite a lot, and he has to keep timber dry... and the interior of the boat. So recent weather has slowed progress. Add to that the delivery of the wrong shower tray - twice - and the delayed delivery of the shower door, and it looks as though we won't be back on the boat for another week. The job was scheduled to be finished tomorrow or Saturday.

The shower-room was empty! The door and its wall is down. All of the furniture is removed. All of the plumbing has been done, ready for the installation of the shower, basin and toilet. The new radiator has been fitted in a new location. The very good news is that the AC generator is finally fitted and working - after some six months of waiting for removal, testing, repair, return, removal testing, repair, return and installation. I can't wait for the bill!

So, back home again, with another week to wait. It already seems as if we've been here for months. But still, with the coldest May on record being forecast, perhaps we're in the best place for now.

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