Thursday, May 03, 2012

Home from home

(For some odd reason, this post did not get published when it should have. It belongs BEFORE "More delays")

It's very odd having two homes. Since ours are so very different from each other, there is a huge contrast in the kind of life we have in each. The biggest one, of course, is about the space available to us. The boat may be small, but it's cosy, and easy to keep clean and tidy! Our house, however...

We came home to a kitchen like that of a student house, and a living room which has been converted into a recording studio and practise room for Said the Maiden, with stage lamps over the floor, too, and an exercise bike! The main TV is in there, but, since St Albans has now gone digital, and our TV is not yet compatible, we have no need to squeeze in there to watch it. It's just as well, really.

I phoned Roy this morning, to see how he was getting on with the shower room refit. He's happy with progress, and says it all looks awful now, with the whole room gutted and ready to rebuild. We almost feel sorry for Kantara.

The weather is indeed, as I had hoped, very rainy. This is, of course, very good for waterways and land alike, but it has meant so far that we can't get out to do any gardening. So we're feeling a bit loose-endy, to say the least, not quite twiddling our thumbs, but close to it!

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