Monday, May 28, 2012

Farewell, Braunston!

Yesterday morning, we said thanks and farewell to Roy, and sailed Kantara out of Braunston, 34 days after arriving there for the shower-room refit. Roy had sorted out the snags, and we were eager to move. The weather was hot and sunny, and lots of sun-screen was applied, and it was good to watch the countryside pass slowly as we cruised back towards Yelvertoft. We had an early lunch, so that we were able to ascend Braunston Flight and go straight on to do the Tunnel - 2042 yards long, shortly after which we moored for the night.

This morning, we rose rather late and made our way towards Norton Junction, to turn left and head northwards up the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union. After a short wait at the bottom of Watford Locks (Watford as in Watford Gap - a small town in Northants, not the ugly town in Hertfordshire; although, the Grand Union does pass through that one!), our progress up the staircase was smooth - and in very much more clement weather than our outward trip down it!

A quick lunch, and then on to Crick Tunnel (1528 yards), and back to Yelvertoft Marina. Grace had a tough time, getting Kantara into the narrow entrance in a significant cross-wind, but she did avoid hitting Moody Cow as Kantara slid into our mooring. 11 lock miles in six hours! The pace of life on the canals is not fast! ( 30 miles, 26 locks)

And now we have a week of jobs to do before the Canal Boat Show next Saturday, and a marina barbecue on the bank Holiday Monday. And then... we shall see!

erm... a bridge!
Rape fields, approaching Yelvertoft
Old bullrush flowers looking rather like candyfloss! 
Just before the marina

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