Friday, May 18, 2012

At last!

I've used that title before!

On Monday, three weeks to the day after we left Kantara with Roy to have the interior work done, Grace and I went back to Braunston to see how things were progressing. Clearly, the foundation work had been done - the plumbing, electrics and most of the woodwork. The craftsmanship is excellent, and we wouldn't have wanted Roy to rush anything. Additionally, we had asked Roy to change the structure of a cupboard in the saloon, and he had started that, too. The correct shower basin had at last been delivered, and was now fitted. The shower door had arrived, too. Roy said the work would be finished by the end of the week. We took that to mean today.
Sure enough, Roy phoned just a while back, to say we could return to Kantara tomorrow! Well, our weekend is now planned with this home in mind, so we agreed we'd go back on Monday - four weeks to the day we left Kantara with him. Roy asked that we spend a couple of days moored there, so that we can "test" all of the work he has done before taking the boat away, so we'll do that. It'll just be so good, being back on board!

Roy had a laugh at the photograph I sent him, suggesting he might make some drawers like these for Kantara.
Very imaginative, brilliantly crafted, but not practical!

The better weather this week has allowed me to do some of the gardening which was so badly needed. A glance at the forecast tells me that I have today and tomorrow to get more done, and that the start of next week will be largely dry. Moving back in to Kantara in the rain would be miserable. Roy was amused by how much stuff we took out of the boat before we came back here, and I had to point out to him that so many things in the boat are simply part of living, not specifically canal living, so they have to move with us.

I'm feeling a bit smug that I'm actually looking forward to using the exercise bike which we left on Kantara. The one here broke a few days ago, such is my enthusiasm and vigour while I'm cycling, and I miss the exercise!

So, three more days, then back to canal life. I can't wait! (Oh damn... I have to!)

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