Monday, April 16, 2012

A short cruise!

Well, life's a bit quiet at the moment. We're currently painting the fore deck, and laying new, non-slip, waterproof flooring, to replace the old carpet tiles. We've also been looking into the TV/DVD possibilities for the boat, and putting detail to the plans for the shower room refit.

Kantara is due at Roy's workshop next Monday. We had planned on setting out in the middle of this week, to give our selves time to sail down to Braunston, pass Roy's place and carry on for a day or two, before turning around and mooring for the two weeks Roy needs to do the refit. For which time we go home to St Albans... for some serious gardening, I think!

However, the five day weather forecast says that the rest of this week will involve heavy rain, and that's not conducive to cruising – unless we don't mind getting sodden, which we do feel is best avoided on a daily basis. So it looks as if we'll simply set out on Saturday, take it easy, and get to Braunston early Monday. Until then, we await several days of canal-filling rain!

Oh, and we've just bought tickets... well, wristbands actually... for the annual Canal Boat Show at Crick in May. This is going to be something of a strange experience for us this year, because, having attended many times over the past years as would-be boat owners looking at boats for style, design and engineering ideas, we will be going as owners this year. And as such, we won't be looking nearly so much - if at all - at the boats, but rather at the things people put in boats - like a really neat toasting grill which sits over a gas hob burner, which we first saw years ago. This year, we hope to buy one. And there's the matter of TV, too, and FreeSat and... oh, all sorts of stuff. Furthermore, we'll be walking there this year!

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