Saturday, April 07, 2012

That waiting game again!

It seems our cruising time is to be further delayed. We are told that our mains generator is fixed, and back in England, but Sam Matts of Foxton Boat Services, the guy who's dealing with it, doesn't know when he'll be able to refit it for us. The frustrating thing is that we could happily cruise without it, but we have to stay in the marina so that he can fit it at the drop of a hat. He took it out of the boat back in October! And of course, we have to take Kantara to get her shower room rebuilt in a couple of weeks' time, too. We're hoping Sam will be able to arrange to fit the generator at the same time as that is done.

Further, our 3G router is clearly faulty, even though Westlake Communications, from whom we bought the device, say they've tested it and found nothing wrong! I've been in contact recently with the manufacturers, who admit there is a fault - although there has only been one other case - in Sweden - of this fault showing. But now, the thing either loses its signal frequently, and for several minutes at a time, or it simply switches itself off! It's very frustrating!

The day and a bit of rain earlier this week has really made a difference to the canal level, although I'm sure it won't have done much for the reservoirs. More rain is forecast for next week, though, unfortunately, it is expected here tomorrow now, too, and that's the day our kids are coming to see us (IS there a word for adult offspring??). Still, we're really looking forward to that.

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  1. Doh. Sorry you're still having problems. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!