Saturday, April 21, 2012

Arrived at Braunston

Despite the weather forecast, which said we were in for another day of rain, we hardly got wet today. Braunston Tunnel was "interesting", with lots of small bends, unusual in our experience. We passed a boat coming in the opposite direction whose headlamp had failed halfway through. His wife was sitting in the bow, holding a bright LED lamp! Braunston Flight was a doddle.

It is a flight of six locks, double width now that we are onto the main line of the Grand Union. Despite the tales from the crew of the boat we met at the top lock - coming up as we were about to descend - who had just taken nearly three hours to do the flight, we went down at a good speed. We went in tandem with an elderly couple celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary. She was at the helm, and not very experienced at the job, so it was quite a lot of fun!

Arriving in Braunston, we passed Roy's workshop where Kantara will have to be on Monday morning, and carried on into the countryside, where we moored and had a very late lunch. This is where we will spend tomorrow.

It has rained several times, heavy showers, since we arrived. And the sunset was amazing.

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