Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Settling back in

It's incredibly frustrating that, now we are back on Kantara, we are still having to wait even longer for our AC generator to be repaired and fitted - at huge cost, but a third of the cost of replacement! - when the engineer involved has had it for nearly four months! Sam came to see us today (to sort out the problem we had in the matter of the engine ignition system being dead - we had both thought that an isolator switch was on, when it had been off!), and he told us that the kit will be repaired and back to him in just over a week, at which time he will refit it and... we'll have 240 volts on the cut at last! And not too soon!

A further frustration has been that the guy who designed and quoted for a remodelled shower room was not replying to my attempts to contact him, but he did call today, and we drove out to see him, to discuss the finer details of the job.
The work is going to take a week and a half to do, and we'll have to drive the boat to his workshop in Braunston for the duration, so it will mean us having to go home for that time, since living aboard with no shower room and toilet is out of the question!

Other jobs to do... replace the rather odd brown carpet tiles on the foredeck with more suitable rubber tiles (dark grey, not blue!)...

...find a suitable mat to cover then engine hatch on the stern deck, something like...
...get a satellite TV system installed - we are currently missing some good TV, and watched none for the three months on Kantara last year. We don't watch a lot, but are annoyed when we have to miss something worthwhile.

...get a handle fitted to the stern deck hatch above the weed hatch (a secure hatch through which access is gained to the propeller, on occasions when it gets tangled with weed, fishing line, plastic bags, anoraks, shopping trolleys) It has never had a handle, and lifting it is something of a challenge!

...replace the carbon monoxide and propane gas alarms, both of which have just died on us, and fit a smoke alarm, too.

The weather these last two days has been amazing... too dry by far, but amazing! I have been outside for long periods without jacket or jumper, and it's been really mild. I'm sure the birds think it's summer, listening to their songs. And we're seeing those dramatic sunsets, too, just like last autumn. I am worse than itching to get out there and do some cruising!

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