Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's raining!!

We went back home on Thursday afternoon, to fill the car again with things for life on Kantara, and got back here yesterday afternoon. The weather was cold and dull, but there was much talk about the need for rain - serious ongoing downpour rain. One boater observed that he had seen a fall of about eight inches in the level of the canal over the past weeks - bear in mind that canals are usually only waist-deep when they are full, and that the average boat needs about 24 inches to travel in.

But this morning, we awoke to the sound of rain on the boat! Not a lot, it has to be said, and it's stopped now, but... it augurs well for the future, I hope! Forever the optimist, me! Otherwise, we take the advice of many... Head north, and don't stop!

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