Friday, March 09, 2012

Back next week, then!

Many thanks to Mike and Marian, also moored at Yelvertoft, for giving us their first-hand assessment of the water situation - the Leicester Arm is not closed! In fact, the canal is so full at the moment that it's overflowing Foxton Lock. So we can look forward to some good cruising as soon as we return to Kantara next week.

Grace has made new covers for the dinette cushions and eight floor cushions, and new curtains for the seven windows, not including the galley, and two sets of door curtains, so one of our first tasks is to hang those curtains. They all look fantastic here, but they're going to look even better on the boat. I can't wait to see them.

One of the good things we've done over the winter months here at home is to line up a good number of friends to come and spend time with us on the boat this year, all of whom have very little or no experience of canal life. That's going to be great fun.

I went back to the Academy today, to meet with friends with whom I used to work. They are doing a brilliant job in very difficult circumstances, but I do worry for them. I am so glad that I was able to retire when I did, and to be able to take voluntary redundancy as my way out of that particular school. It was sad in many ways that I was greeted by several former colleagues, as I was when I visited after Christmas, with comments about how well I look. It's very good to know, but not good that they know they don't look or feel the same way. I think they all deserve a good holiday on the canals!

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