Sunday, February 05, 2012

Winter away from Kantara

Before we went up to the Lake District, Naomi took Jess, Grace and me on a late-afternoon walk in some of the country lanes just outside St Albans.  Having published photos of superb sunsets at Yelvertoft, I just had to show some of those I took on that walk - St Albans has sunsets, too!

But, back to the matter of the Lakes trip. On the Thursday of last week, Grace booked a week's stay in an apartment in Keswick, right at the edge of the town centre. It was spacious (for two), modern and comfortable - and warm! - just around the corner from the delightfully retro Lonsdale Alhambra Cinema and within throwing distance of the shops and the eateries. Absolutely ideal! So, last Saturday, we set off up the M1 and M6 to the Lakes.

We've lost count of the number of times we've been there since we were married, but we know it well, and we just keep going back for more. The icing on the cake this time was that the highest parts were covered in snow, and the scenery was amazing. When we returned today, after an excellent winter break, the snow was starting to fall on the lower ground, and it seemed to me that it was following us down the motorways, and, lo and behold, it is now snowing here in St Albans!

I took loads of photos, and show probably too many below - humour me, huh?

Since we were passing close to Yelvertoft on the way home (now yesterday as I type), we decided to go and see Kantara. It was perishing cold at the marina, and it was beginning to snow as we left. The water was frozen, and made quite a sight.

I started this post yesterday evening (Saturday), and said then that the snow followed us down from the Lakes. Just a couple of hours later, it started to snow here, and I've awoken to several inches of snow this morning. I'm so glad we drove home when we did, for the roads up north have suffered badly from the weather.