Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A quick visit!

We paid Kantara a brief visit yesterday, just to see how she is! The weather was bright and sunny, unlike today, but the marina had clearly had a good deal of rain, and the ground was very soggy underfoot, the first time we have seen it like that. And the canal level is good, too! Let's hope it rains a lot more in the next few weeks.

I spoke with Jenny, the manager, and she said that the marina had been frozen over for two days during the cold snap. But when we boarded Kantara, there were no signs at all of any ill-effect of the weather. I was expecting a smell of damp, but there was none.

What did surprise us somewhat were the signs that Sam Matts had been on board (he must have some "master" key) and taken the generator control box away. He'd obviously refitted the alternator, too, after its service, for there were internal panels to the engine room which had been left off. Contacting Sam, I find that the system still does not function properly, even after the alternator had been serviced at some expense, so we wait now to hear further news.

But hey! - Kantara's there, waiting for us to return and start cruising! We're looking forward to it, but there's still stuff to do here first. Grace has completed all of the covers for the seating in the dinette. Now she's working on the floor cushions... curtains still to go!