Thursday, November 03, 2011

Who are you?

A web service called StatCounter is monitoring visitors to this blog, and tells me that we have just had our 500th visit since September.  Now, that's not a huge number in two months, and nothing like as many visits per week as my teaching blog "Grumpy Old Teacher" which I stopped doing last year, but numbers aren't what the blog is about anyway.  The most interesting thing about the stats which StatCounter gives me is the locations of readers.

We have a reader in Australia, so that is bound to be my cousin Sheila or one of her immediate family.  There's one in New Zealand, and that must be our old friend Jenny.  The oddest thing is the seven readers in the States, all of whom came to the blog direct, rather than by stumbling across us in a Google search or similar.

The biggest mystery of all, though, is our UK readers, because I know that most of you must be family or friends, but really have a problem knowing who you all are.  So would you do me a favour, please?  Would you just go to the bottom of this post, and add a comment, saying who you are, and where you're from?

To give you a clue, these are the towns which show up in Statcounter against readers - not necessarily the town they live in, but a nearby one, where their Internet connection is registered.  Which of these towns is you?


London (on PlusNet)
Milton Keynes (on TalkTalk) - is that you, Mr Doody?
St Albans (on BeUnLimited)
London (on Exponential-e)
Hemel Hempstead

I have lots of relatives out there, most of whom I've never met - cousins once removed and their offspring in particular - and more than a few friends.  It would be really good to know who you all are.  Would you take a moment to do that for me, please?  Oh, and if your town's not in my list, say hi anyway, please, give me a name and where you're from!

And who are you folks in the US?


  1. The mystery people in Lincoln who are following your blog are.................
    David & Judy Herbert (Rachel's parents) ex Dagnall Street. We moved to a village just to the north of Lincoln 5 years ago, Rachel has kept us informed through contact with Jess on facebook.
    Have been enjoying your blog. keep it up - we look forward to next years adventures!

    David & Judy

  2. Thanks, both of you. Glad you're enjoying the blog. I guess everyone else on the list is too shy to say who they are! Best wishes to you - and Rachel!

  3. Found your blog when googling Yelvertoft Marina as we hope to move there this summer. Currently moored at Barrow on Soar Leicestershire.
    Sympathise with the problems with yr boat our first 3 months including moving the boat from Cheshire to Barrow was hell on earth, but we survived............albeit much poorer
    Paul and Mandy

  4. It's good to hear from you, Paul and Mandy, and we look forward to meeting you at Yelvertoft some time. Please drop in and see us if Kantara's there. Sorry to hear about your early problems. Ours pale into insignificance in the face of "hell on earth". I hope things are far better now.