Thursday, November 03, 2011

Weather or not

It's really a bit of a pain, is rain.  (I feel a poem coming on!)  Despite forecasts earlier this week suggesting tomorrow was going to be dry, with little wind, today's forecast says quite emphatically that it will rain heavily.  This is sad, because it might have been the day Michelle visited, and she was looking forward to some dry cruising.  But on the other hand, the rain is most welcome.

I've not looked into the situation around the whole canal network yet, but in our parts, the water levels are very low.  Watford Locks have stopped back pumping the water from the bottom of the flight, so consequently water is lost from the stretch of the canal at the top of the locks - where we are - each time boats use them, and our water level drops.  I heard in the marina office yesterday that the three reservoirs which supply the Grand Union around this area are all very low.  It seems we need heavy rain throughout the winter if boats are going to have enough water to float on.  I finished today's hour's walk just moments before a cloudburst, but it did not continue for very long.  The question occurs to us now, will be get stranded here over the winter?

Crack's Hill from the towpath
Skeletal trees

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