Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heating, weather and SAD!

We have just finished work which started around three hours ago, when it became evident that we had neglected to turn on the central heating pump when I lit the oil stove, with the result that the header tank overflowed a litre or so of water and antifreeze mix over the floor, and the oil stove turned off (good to know, at least, that the failsafe device works!).  Mopping up the water was not too much of an issue, but now the stove will not work, perhaps because the safety cut-out has jammed!  It's just as well that we have gas-fired heating, too, but we will need to get the oil stove sorted, since it is our best, most efficient source of heat by far.  Ho hum!

A while back, I was bemoaning the lack of rain.  It's making up for it today! And the wind is back to its boat-shaking level of a couple of days ago.  The waves across the marina are actually foam-tipped, and walking has proven to be quite difficult.  It's good to be enclosed in the boat, feeling snug.

I have known for many years now that I suffer from Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, albeit fairly mildly.  For years I used to get up in the morning and move around in the dark in winter, simply because I found that putting the lights on was too much of a shock at 6:30am.  I felt really low, though, but simply put it down to an aversion to getting up that early.  It was some years before I even heard of SAD, and I then tried putting the lights on in the morning.  It worked!  After overcoming the initial shock of the brilliance, I found that I no longer felt so blue.  Problem solved.

Except now, in the boat, and in the very cloudy weather, I have found the SAD returning.  It can get very gloomy in the boat on dull days - more than in houses which have more window area, and are more spacious - but I have been not switching the lights on, simply because I can see OK, so I don't think of it.  Thinking about it, and turning the lights on improves my mood instantly.  Can you buy sun lamps still, I wonder. 

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