Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Christmas!

Yes, I know it's just a tad early, but I'd like to get you thinking about Christmas presents - and even if you are already, then thinking about giving a present to someone you don't know.
World Vision is a charity which does amazing work with needy people around the world, and they have a website where you could buy something of huge value to such people at little cost to yourself.

How much is a school dinner in the UK these days?  £20 could buy a school dinner for 45 children in the Sudan.  £18 could buy a kid goat which will provide milk to a family for years.  Just £6 will buy a mosquito net to stop a child from being infected with malaria while they sleep.

The list goes on. Will you please buy such a present, and make a huge difference to the life of someone who has needs far greater than ours?

Click here, if you will.  Thank you.

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