Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where's the time going?

As I write this, my former teaching colleagues are enjoying their last couple of days of the half term break, and we've been on Kantara for that whole half term plus the break - eight weeks!  We've just arranged with Colin for him to winterise the boat on 5th December, and we'll be going home on that same day.  Twelve weeks, and these first eight have gone fast.  There just remain the covers and curtains to be made, and Grace will do those at home in St Albans.  Oh, and there's the not insignificant matter of the generator not working.  I'm hoping to hear from Foxton Boats about that soon.  I've only emailed them twice!  We'll need that to provide us with 240v AC power while we're on the cut - largely for the washing machine and microwave oven.

Tonight there is the marina Hallowe'en party - fancy dress, Indian or Chinese food, wine, ale and good company.  And Grace and I are singing, this time, we hope, with better equipment.  We have four songs prepared, and a bassist to rehearse with later today.  Michelle will be glad to know I've chickened out of the Michael Buble song I had prepared - I have the looks, but I'm not sure about the voice!

The weather is still wonderful.  Yesterday and the day before, the sky was clear blue, and the water very still.  It was a shame we didn't get out, but we had things to do in the marina.  I even washed one side of the boat!  We'll have to bowhaul her over to the adjacent, empty mooring to wash the other side.  Today, perhaps!

Nearby Watford Locks

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