Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A few weeks ago, we had to cancel the visit of sister Jill and her husband Rod, because we were both feeling unwell.  On the same day, Howard rang to ask if he and Linda could visit that afternoon, and we had to turn them down.  On Sunday, Jill and Rod came to see us, and we spent a really good day together.  The wind was well up, and the weather generally was not inviting, so they declined the offer of a trip up the canal, but I'm sure they'll come again, in better weather hopefully, and spend some time on the cut with us.

The next day, along came Howard and Linda, old friends of ours from church, whose son, John, was one of a large group of teenagers Grace and I took on a wide-beam canal boat for a week about fifteen years ago.  What a fantastic week that was, too!  It had been the first canal experience for all of them apart from our three, so the excitement level was very high.  They were a terrific group of kids, though, and the week brought us all closer together, with a great deal of fun and laughter.

Nearby Foxton Locks

The weather was better for Howard and Linda than it had been for Jill and Rod, so we took them out for an eight mile, two hour or so trip which we all enjoyed a lot.  Howard has a 3D camera - I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures he took.

One of our intentions with Kantara is to host lots of such visits of friends and family, so, if you fall into either category, please email us, and we'll happily make arrangements with you.

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