Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day off the canal

Yesterday, after Kantara's engine had been serviced and reported healthy (apart from a very dirty alternator, which may have failed, or may just need a good clean), we decided that today we would take her out "for a spin", and enjoy a bit of cruising again.  However, we were awoken in the night by horrendous winds which had not abated by the time we got up this morning, and there was no chance of getting out without some unnecessary stress.  So we cancelled that plan, and took ourselves off to nearby National Trust property, Canons Ashby.  This is a beautiful Tudor manor, with grounds which must be wonderful in season, and a fascinating interior.  We are NT members, and have enjoyed many such days at their properties over the years, and this one did not let us down.  We will most definitely go back next year in the summer, and see it at its best.

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