Friday, October 21, 2011

Cushions, covers and curtains!

The last few days have seen Grace busy with a fairly major project upon which we, mainly she, has embarked.  The seats in the dinette need to be recovered. The curtains, while being very pleasant, and having nothing wrong with them, are just not to our taste. And we need some floor cushions upon which to seat people when we have visitors, since our sofa only seats two.

So, Grace brought her sewing machine back to Kantara from home on Monday, and has started by creating a set of eight floor cushions with the filling from six larger ones brought from home.  Today we went on a fabric hunt for curtains, seat covers and cushion covers.  Not entirely successful, I have to say, but it gave us our fist visit to Leicester.  We didn't see much, but what we saw was quite amazing.  It has the  most impressive shopping centre I have ever seen, both in terms of the architecture and the range of shops - and believe me, I am not usually impressed by shopping centres!

Secondly, it has an incredible outdoor but roofed vegetable and fruit market.  It is vast, and the goods are laid out very tidily, but the oddest thing is that this market has perhaps 100 or more traders, and they all sell pretty much the same wares at the same prices.  One wonders how any of them makes a living.

Tomorrow will have us shopping again, this time mainly to stock up with food.  We have family and friends visiting next week.  The weather forecast looks promising, so we hope to get them out on the canal. After that, we will have perhaps another three weeks before we overwinter. We just might get a longish cruise in!

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