Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a beautiful morning!

It was very windy again last night, but we awoke this morning to a beautiful blue sky, warm sunshine, and far less wind. It's on days like today that we remember why we wanted to live on a boat. We've had a slow, problematic start, but our problems have been fairly mild in themselves. It has just been unfortunate that they have stopped us from being out on the cut... but then again, as I have said before, the wind has been prohibitive anyway. We are told Colin has bought the necessary parts to fix our water system problems. Once fitted, we will need a time of trial before we can be sure that all the pressures are acceptable and that the system will work without further error. Then we will be able to relax and use Kantara for what we bought her for.

In the meantime, we shall go for a long walk today. We've been rather too sedentary for a couple of weeks now. I would have hoped to work off a few pounds by now, had we been boating.

Oh! Kettle's boiling - time to do the washing up!

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