Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pause for breath

I write this from home in St Albans.  Late Thursday afternoon, Grace had just finished having a shower, and the pressure relief valve opened as it had never opened before, and water was pumped from the system into the canal.  And it pumped, and it pumped and it pumped, until I stopped it by switching off the water pump, by which time it had half emptied our cold water tank.  So now we could use no water - for drinks, washing up (and we had a big backlog!), the loo, or for heating.  We sighed, cooked without water, had supper, added to the pile of washing up, and went to bed.

Friday, we came home. We had things to do here anyway, and needed to collect things here to take back to Kantara, but the water situation decided for us that we should come back at that particular time.  Calls to Trevor and the plumber have been made, and we hope to have the problem rectified - a NEW valve! - on Monday, so that we can return and continue our boating. We still have some cruising to do before the weather turns against us.

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