Friday, September 30, 2011

One month in! (24 miles, 0 locks)

Four weeks to the day since we took possession of Kantara, Grace and I did another seven hours cruising today.  All right, it was largely the return journey to Yelvertoft, but the return is often very different from the outward because of the new view it affords, and, again, the weather was fantastic, and the countryside beautiful. I have had more kingfisher sightings in these past two days than in all of the canal holidays we have had in previous years.

The problem with boating is that may not get enough exercise. There are canals, of course, and stretches of this one - The Grand Union - which have lots of locks, but the land is pretty flat in this part of the country, and I have yet to operate a lock. I am mindful of how much a week of lock operating and the frequent walks between locks have in past years resulted in a healthy weight loss, and increased muscle, but this just isn't happening at the moment. So today, I jumped off the boat as we passed underneath a bridge, and I did some walking along the towpath while Grace continued with Kantara.  This is something I'm going to have to do a lot - and I'll have to let Grace do her bit, too!

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