Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let's have another go, shall we?

After a long weekend at home, we returned to Kantara yesterday - and with NO problems on the M1! We had a car full of various bits and pieces we needed for the boat, and it took us a while to get that lot brought aboard and put away. There was still washing-up to be done, since we had left in something of a hurry, with no water with which to do the job, so we boiled the kettle, made ourselves some tea, and got that done.  Now down to the water system...

I had spoken with Colin, the plumber, just before we left home, and lined him up to replace the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) this morning at 8:00, so there was nothing we could do about the situation yesterday, apart from look into the bilges and breathe a sigh of relief that there had been no further leakage.  So we went to bed again without water or heating (though it wasn't a particularly cold night), and set the alarm for 7:00...

...at which time we awoke this morning, to greet Colin at 8:00 as arranged.  It was a matter of moments to fit the new valve, and it tested fine. Gladly, we switched on the water pump, fired up the heating, did last night's washing-up(!), and showered. At which point the PRV opened and started pumping water into the canal. This stopped when the pump was switched off, but... there is obviously still a problem.  Ho-hum. I'll post this, and phone Colin.

The weather is still not good for boating, though. Yesterday was positively warm, and very sunny, with a beautiful, clear and starry night sky.  And today is shaping up to be the same, but it is still very windy, and not at all suitable for cruising. The wind was far worse yesterday, whipping the surface of the marina pound into quite a fury. I spoke with a boater who had just returned from a week on the cut, and she spoke of the winds being so bad that she could not steer into locks, nor avoid running into other boats. She had had to navigate the Watford Flight of locks, and regretted it. This was the day when parts of the UK were suffering 80 mph gusts. I think we wait! We have enough to do here, and the water system has to be right before we venture out.

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