Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's another lovely day...

 ...and I'm not in the classroom!  The sky is blue, the water is flat, and we might just get out for some cruising this week.  We've been a bit lazy for the past couple of days.  Having been home again to pick up various things for the boat, we've ordered an "oversized armchair" to replace the two leather chairs we gave away, wired the boat tidily for internet connection for both of us, tested the antenna mast extension almost to full height (and, my goodness, it is high!), and shopped around, unsuccessfully, for a rug.  Any excursions in the near future will be on a one-day basis.  We are having the galvanic isolator fitted tomorrow, the engine serviced some time soon(!), and going to the marina barbecue on Saturday, a big event by all accounts, and an opportunity to meet more of the boaters here.  Each day, Kantara feels more and more "home", and we're loving it.

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