Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Decent Internet connection at last

Having replaced a short cable which we lost somewhere in the move to Kantara, I was able today to link our antenna to our router to our laptop computers... and it works a treat!  The signal strength at our mooring fluctuates about 5 dBm, but even at its lowest it's fast, so we are well pleased.  I fitted the antenna on the short mast to which the Sky dish had been fixed, but I'm going to get someone to modify it so that it can be extended a further couple of metres when necessary.  If we get Freeview, as we are considering, then we will be able to attach the dish to the bottom of the same mast.

Yesterday evening was fairly chilly, and it gave us the chance to use the oil stove properly for the first time.  When we were considering having a boat built to our design, we always said that we would not have a stove, and we've always been surprised that so many people have them in their boats.  Now we know why.  This little stove burns a steady, small dribble of diesel oil, and heats three radiators and water in the hot tank.  On its lowest setting last night, we were too hot, and had to open some windows!  It burns with a lovely red glow, and really makes the boat feel cosy.  I'm going to light it again after I post this!

It's been very windy again today, and only one couple had the courage to take their boat out onto the cut.  The thing is, once you are on the canal, the wind is not often a problem, but the marina is rather exposed, and the entrance/exit of any marina is only one boat's width.  Anyone pointing their bow at the exit here gets hit by a strong side wind, and is driven sideways away from it. Likewise, anyone coming into the pound is immediately taken sideways across the marina - it can be quite amusing to watch, but not too much fun for the helmsman!

It's cold and dark out there, and warm and cosy in here - I think I'll pour myself another glass of wine!

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