Thursday, August 18, 2011

The survey!

The survey arrived by email this morning – a very quick turnaround by Trevor! OK, we have to say it leaves us just a little less excited then we were. Trevor has valued the boat at a couple of thousand pounds lower than we offered for it, largely due to the external paintwork being of an amateur quality, despite the vendor attributing it to a professional. Trevor pointed this out to us on Tuesday, and we had to confess then that we had overlooked the matter when we first saw Kantara. It doesn’t look awful – far from it – but the surface is not as shiny as it ought to be, and it is rough to the touch all over, because the last painting had been done out of doors, with dust and insects in the air. The paint does cover all of the steel well enough, but there are places where brushmarks can be seen, and one or two where previous design elements can be seen faintly under the latest coat. An inexpert eye would probably miss this, but it is something of a downer.

I mentioned the main concerns of the survey in my last post, and these are duly reported on the final document.  A few further minor ones also appear in the report.  I will be chatting with Trevor about these and a few other matters this evening, and then we will need to go back to ABNB to discuss where we go from here.  Will the vendor accept Trevor’s valuation of the boat?  How many of the issues will he be prepared to pay for, in order to resolve them?  Some he has to get done, otherwise the boat will neither be insurable, nor will a safety certificate be issued, thus making the boat unusable.  The rest will be… negotiable.  We wait to find out!

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