Saturday, August 27, 2011

One more step

On our way to Montgomery yesterday, for a long weekend's break, we stopped off at Yelvertoft Marina to pay our deposit, securing a mooring for the next six months.  This will allow us time to clean Kantara, and get our things in her, learn the various on-board systems, then have a few weeks cruising before mooring her over the winter months.  Come the end of February, then, we'll be hoping for the weather to be good enough for us to cruise again.  One more step towards our dream being realised!

The contract is signed and returned now.  We learned the other day that the new batteries have been fitted, and Trevor, the surveyer, has tested the bowthruster and the inverter, and found them both working fine.  We've taken on a local craftsman to do the various small jobs early next week, Trevor will then check all of the work, and sign a new safety certificate, and we've arranged the hand-over of Kantara at 2:00 pm next Friday.  Nearly there!

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