Saturday, August 20, 2011

Almost there!

Yesterday we took the survey back to ABNB who act on behalf of Kantara's present owner, discussed the various points which had come up in the survey, and agreed a suitable reduction in price to cover the cost of us getting those few jobs done.  Additionally, the owner will have four new batteries installed, so that the inverter and bow-thruster can be checked to be working.  We would have signed the contract yesterday, but time was running short (our trip had been extended by over three hours by a hold-up on the M1 - two lanes and the hard shoulder closed because of roadworks!), so it will be posted to us, and we should receive that on Monday.  Completion should be on Friday, 2nd September.  In the two weeks before then, we will have the various jobs done by a local boatfitter, Trevor will be able to issue the safety certificate, and Kantara will be fully ready to go on that Friday.

We're getting there!

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